Mohan Kottapally, MD

Vocals and guitar

Mohan Kottapally is Assistant Professor of Neurology and Neurocritical Care at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.  He also serves as Associate Director for the UM Department of Neurology Residency Program.  His current research focus is towards traumatic brain injury, concussion and high speed motorsport-related injuries.  He has authored textbook chapters, scientific articles and educational lectures for medical students, residents, and the medical community. To keep busy outside of the medical field, music has been a driving factor in his life.  He has enjoyed performing in venues ranging from garages to music festivals, and is excited to be able to rock out now with The CODES.


Electric Guitar: Cort MBC-1 Red Sparkle, w/ built in Zvexx Fuzz Factory, Sustaniac and MB-2 pickups, Cort MBC-1 Black Matte, Rickenbacker 330 Chrome Finish

Bass Guitar: 2008 Modulus FB-4 Blue Sparkle

Pedals: Boss DS-2, Boss Blues Driver, Digitech Polara, Digitech Dirty Robot, Digitech Whammy, Source Audio Nemesis Delay, Source Audio Vertigo, EHX Mel9, Dunlop Crybaby Wah, Zvexx Fuzz Factory, TC Electronics Spark & Polytune

Amps: Vox Pathfinder Union Jack, Boss GT6-B (Bass Multi-effect w/pre-amp and D-Out).